Etene: Lost Continent

A Simple Affair

After appearing in Etene and reaching Guild City (more specifically the Polyhederal) you’ve found yourselves chartered to join an expedition to a newly discovered island which shows the promise of adventure fame and of course income.

Though the bar was attacked and successfully defended you’re left with a mind to pick up supplies for the journey though the owner and quest giver, Pinnak Labbe has informed you that basic necessities will be met.

You have three days to get supplies that you may need and to explore the vast city before you.


Welcome to Etene
The Start of the Adventure

Some of you know how you got here. Some of you don’t. Is there any real way to describe the world you have entered…not really. You’ve either been directed to or found yourself at the largest city on the northern half of this continent which is a sprawling urban complex known by the locals as Upper Guild City, as opposed to the Lower which is part of the city that has expanded beyond the original city walls.

The place is busy. People going everywhere, every which way and commerce is thriving with couriers running to and fro and the wide city streets lined with shops of all sorts. Many people appear to belong to certain varying factions that you’ve been able to discern based on the their two colored outfits. A few that you have noticed on brief inspection are that healers and herbalists wear light blue with silver trim, arcanists wear white with a shifting multicolor trim, and the city guard all tend to wear red with yellow trim.

After wandering around you find yourself drawn to a vibrant building that looks like it’s had several major recent repairs and a flourish of color added in comparison to the dingy buildings that flank it. A brightly lit and repainted sign outside lists this building as, “The Rusty Polyhederal” which on first glace would appear to be a gambling house, though fits more in line with a tavern on the first floor and an inn on the upper floors.


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